Your Options for a Cheap Office Desk

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 31st Aug 2022

Your Options for a Cheap Office Desk

Whether you’re looking for an affordable home office desk or want to improve your workspace, you’ll be happy to know that there are many great options online. Typical coffee or dining tables simply aren’t designed for work and won’t give you all the necessary features.

Sadly, office desks can be pricey, and most people don’t have that much money to invest in their home office. Don’t worry, though – we’ve done the research for you and found some of the great cheap office desk options you can order online.

Here’s our list.

Urbanhyve portable & adjustable wood desk

Portable Height Adjustable Light Wood Laptop Desk on Wheels

Portable Height Adjustable Light Wood Laptop Desk on Wheels

Urbanhyve is known for its versatility. This website lets you find some of the most premium office furniture in Australia, but you can also easily find a cheap office desk at their online store. This desk can be moved around easily because of its lightweight and durable design.

At the same time, you can rotate it by 360° to find the best angle possible. Its height is also adjustable, making it ideal for any workspace. The durability of this desk makes it super-convenient for PCs and laptops.

Ikea Micke desk

Ikea is one of the most well-known brands from Sweden for a reason – they can make high-quality and cheap products. Even though the Micke desk is a bit more expensive than other options on our list, it has a simplistic but modern design with a lot of storage space.

Even though it’s compact, you have enough room to hide all your things and conceal all the wires and colds. It’s a unique office desk that takes a minimum of space but gives you all the essentials you need.

Saygoer industrial corner desk

This unique triangle corner desk can fit perfectly in any home. People often don’t have the room to set up a home office because they simply haven’t organised their space for this use. However, every house has a free corner where you can’t put anything.

It has clean lines and comes in a completely black colour or wooden top. The desk slides are robust and easy to lock-in, making the desk reliable.

Nathan James Theo desk

This is one of the rare wall-mounted desks you can find for your home office. Yeah, you read it right – it’s a wall-mounted desk. It comes with two white metal pillars located on the side. The desk has three levels of shelves fitted into these pillars.

The first is the largest and reserved for your computer, while the second and third are designed for storage space. It’s an excellent option for small spaces, but you can’t move it that easily, and it requires screwing the wall.

Bottom line

Henry Office Storage White Computer Desk

Henry Office Storage White Computer Desk

We hope you found our list inspiring and helpful.

 As an honourable mention, we would like to recommend the Henry Office desk as another solid option you can rely on for a long time. Take the time to pick the right desk for your needs and space.

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