Workplace Design Trends to Look out for

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 7th Sep 2022

Workplace Design Trends to Look out for

Workplace design has an immense impact on motivation, productivity, collaboration, and even workplace satisfaction. After all, no one can feel their best or perform well in a cramped cubicle that makes it difficult to interact with their teammates.

So it comes as no surprise that office furniture designers and interior decorators are constantly coming up with new ways to create an inspiring work environment that employees are excited to join. Take a look below to find out what the top workplace design trends are. So, start preparing your office for the future.

Combining workplace design with company culture

Office design and office furniture space planning aren’t simply about keeping your workplace looking modern and Pinterest-worthy. They are about strengthening your company culture and also making your employees feel like they are a part of a larger team.

That’s why it’s critical to develop a workplace design that aligns with your organisational culture. If your company prides itself on its strong team spirit, you need an open-concept design that fosters a collaborative environment. If you always emphasise the importance of technological innovations, you need to ensure that your office has the proper infrastructure to support these claims.

Combining workplace design with company culture is one of the most important trends you’ll want to follow.

Introducing social spaces for better collaboration

Aura Cafe Breakout Seating

Aura Cafe Breakout Seating

The shift to working from home has changed employee expectations regarding office design. Employees don’t want to return to offices if they’d be forced to sit isolated in front of their computers. They can do the same thing from the comfort of their homes.

They want to return to offices that encourage collaboration and allow them to socialise with their teammates. So, they want access to collaborative seating solutions where they can brainstorm with their colleagues while in the breakroom, chat with their managers, and enjoy water cooler conversations with their team members.

Explore the best online furniture design to create an inviting office with inspiring social spaces to build stronger teams.

Focusing on employee wellbeing

Mobile Dark Wood Twin Laptop Desk

Mobile Dark Wood Twin Laptop Desk

Finally, one of the greatest trends in workplace design is focusing on employee wellbeing.Employees who are well taken care of in the workplace feel more motivated and productive. They have no unnecessary distractions that could prevent them from performing their best.

What this means for workplace design is investing in furniture and amenities tailored to your employees’ needs – height-adjustable desks that offer flexibility, ergonomic chairs that increase employee comfort, easily accessible office storage, comfortable seating in the lounge area, and more.

Final thoughts

The future of workplace design lies in prioritising employee comfort as well as wellbeing. Combining design with company culture, creating social spaces, and also investing in ergonomic furniture will create a welcoming office atmosphere where your employees will be happy to spend their days.

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