Why Should You Invest in Office Stand Up Workstations?

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 1st Feb 2023

Why Should You Invest in Office Stand Up Workstations?

Today, most people work from an office. Many spend most of their time at their computer desks, whether it be a home office or a space in an office building. The problem is that when we spend so much time in one place, we want it to be near perfect in terms of design, size, and health benefits. Over the last couple of years, stand up workstations have become very popular because they offer many benefits compared to classic work desks.

If you want to work from a productive office, you’ll find a few benefits of office stand up desks below. We will show you why investing in an office stand up workstation is an excellent idea if you spend most of your time at your workplace.

Artiss White Office Computer Desk with Storage

Artiss White Office Computer Desk with Storage

Health benefits

Studies done on sitting for long periods have shown that it can cause various health issues, such as diabetes, blood pressure and circulation issues, and many more. Since this became a major problem for office users, people have come up with a great solution that can benefit your health.

The answer to this problem is a stand up desk. These desks allow you to switch from a sitting to a standing position whenever you wish and vice versa.


You are expected to give your maximum and focus on your work in an office. However, if you sit for hours at a time, you may experience back pain or other aches that may distract us from your work. When using stand-up workstations, all these problems disappear because you can stretch throughout the day and switch positions.

Moreover, stand-up workstations are known to positively affect your cognitive abilities. Since you will have a better blood flow, your brain will be able to work faster, allowing you to focus on more important things.

Higher energy levels

Have you ever experienced a significant drop in energy while working from your office? It isn’t a sign that your job is too much for you or that you need a cup of coffee to retrieve your energy – it is a sign that you have been in the sitting position for too long. Your mind is beginning to “shut down” or go to sleep.

To have a consistent energy level throughout the day, you can get a manual sit stand desk riser that will enable you to shake off that sleepy feeling and refresh your mind. Your body is sending signals that you should move it every once in a while, so using an electric sit stand desk may contribute to better energy levels.

Arise Compulator Sit Stand Desk Riser with Clamp

Arise Compulator Sit Stand Desk Riser with Clamp


People are beginning to care for their physical and mental health more than ever, and a big part of that involves looking for the best office furniture. The main reasons to invest in a stand up workstation include health benefits, improved productivity, and higher energy levels.

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