Why Businesses Are Refurbishing Offices Over Relocating

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 9th Dec 2020

Why Businesses Are Refurbishing Offices Over Relocating

The pandemic has forced most businesses to allow employees to work from home, which could quickly become the new normal. But now that many are slowly returning to the office, business owners have two solutions before them: refurbishing offices or relocating. Most are going with the former, and here are the reasons why.

Creating COVID-Secure Offices

Archer Clam Modular Work Pods

Archer Clam Modular Work Pods

The most important thing for every business these days is to ensure their employees stay safe and healthy in the workplace. That’s why they’re changing their office design to create a COVID-secure environment.

They’re replacing traditional office tables with modular work pods and similar workstations with sneeze-shield screens.

They’re updating their ventilation systems to improve indoor air quality, installing foot-operated sanitiser stations, and installing biometric security systems and sensors to eliminate other touchpoints.

Relocating also requires all of these upgrades, so why do it if you already have the space?

Offering Flexible Work Schedules

McKinsey found that 80% of people who worked remotely during the pandemic’s peak enjoyed working from home. When it comes to productivity, 41% said they were more productive at home, while 28% reported being as productive as in the office.

That’s why most businesses are open to flexible work schedules now. Employees can divide their work between the office and their home.

That frees up a lot of office space, making it possible to create a safe post-COVID work environment.

Saving on Costs

Flexible work schedules free up a lot of space, so relocating to a smaller office may seem logical.

However, it adds up a lot of costs and still calls for making the office COVID-secure. What’s more, all that space is what every business needs right now to adhere to the physical distancing rules and other health and safety regulations. So, refurbishing is the best way to go.

Updating Chill-Out Zones

Height Adjustable Breakroom Table on Wheels

Height Adjustable Breakroom Table on Wheels

Chill-out zones are still very important, as they help people relax, recharge their batteries, and collaborate. However, they also need an upgrade in the post-COVID world, primarily because of the physical distancing rules.

That’s why businesses are replacing coffee tables with height-adjustable breakroom tables that people can stand around while chatting and brainstorming.

Breakroom chairs and bean bags are out (at least for now), and outdoor spaces are also becoming social areas where employees can hang out and collaborate.


Moving to another, possibly smaller, office leaves businesses with the same conundrum of adapting their work-place to the post-pandemic future. Refurbishing what they already have provides them with more benefits, particularly saved costs.

If you’re looking to refurbish your office with top-notch office furniture, contact us today for a free furniture consultation and quote.

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