Tips for Designing Your Office Space to Encourage Collaboration

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 15th Feb 2022

Tips for Designing Your Office Space to Encourage Collaboration

It’s a well-known fact that office space planning and workplace design affect how we work on a day-to-day basis. If your goal is to increase collaboration among your employees, designing your office space to encourage employee collaboration might be just what you need to turn your vision into reality.

However, it’s also important not to overwhelm your employees with collaborative work and let them have their personal space. If you’re not sure how to achieve this, make sure to keep reading this article, and you’ll soon find out!

Come up with a collaborative seating arrangement

Seating arrangement plays a significant role in how much your employees collaborate and communicate throughout the day. If you’re looking to increase collaboration, coming up with a seating arrangement that invites this type of activity is essential.

You don’t want your employees to turn their backs to one another during collaborative tasks. Instead, choose office furniture that allows face-to-face seating and easy creation of groups when teamwork tasks emerge.

For instance, the Axle 6 Person Double Sided Office Workstation Desk is the perfect choice if you want to create teams of up to 6 people. With a large working area, every team member will have enough space while efficiently collaborating with the rest of the group.

Axle 6 Person Double Sided Office Workstation Desk

Axle 6 Person Double Sided Office Workstation Desk

Pay attention to the importance of personal space

While collaboration between employees is crucial for easy workflow and seamless communication, effective office space planning also incorporates personal space features. If your coworking design has an open plan, your employees might struggle with finding a quiet space for an important phone call or a peaceful location for a task that requires sharp focus.

Fortunately, partition walls are perfect for these situations. The Mobile Floor Privacy Screen - Temporary Partition Wall allows your employees to quickly and easily get the peace they need while allowing them to return to collaborative tasks in just a couple of seconds.

These partitions are ideal for maintaining the balance between private and collaborative duties your employees face daily.

Mobile Floor Privacy Screen - Temporary Partition Wall

Mobile Floor Privacy Screen - Temporary Partition Wall

Keep the workplace light and bright

Finally, your workplace should be filled with plenty of natural light. Windows, skylights, and other objects will ensure your employees get the much-needed natural light during their working hours.

Besides encouraging creativity on an individual level, natural light also helps employees collaborate and work in teams better. You’ll definitely see a difference in how team members work together by creating an open and airy office space.

Final thoughts

The effectiveness of the office coworking design can largely determine the functionality and success of collaborative tasks among team members.

When designing your office space, consider the needs of your employees. Finally, create an office atmosphere that’ll simultaneously encourage collaboration and allow employees to have pleasant working conditions. With these tips in mind, your employees will surely enjoy their time working.

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