The Top Office Desk Furniture Pieces for Your Home Office

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 17th Aug 2022

The Top Office Desk Furniture Pieces for Your Home Office

Whether you’re still Zooming in for work or have no intention of getting a cubicle job, it’s probably high time you build yourself a proper home office. What you need are a quality desk and a comfortable chair, so you can clean up some space and start designing your productivity hub.

Let’s begin with your office desk.

We’ve made a list of popular choices to help you out.

1. The Corner Desk

Quinn Extendable Home Office Desk

Quinn Extendable Home Office Desk

Corner desks are high in demand, and for a good reason.

Before digital nomadism, remote work, and COVID, the modern-day home office was not such a huge part of interior design. Most of us didn’t leave any space for business when we initially furnished and decorated our homes. Now, we have to somehow squeeze in an entire room.

The corner desk is an excellent solution to this problem. It’s practical, and it doesn’t take up much space. It allows you to add a few drawers underneath and include shelving above. If you need additional surface area, we recommend this extendable desk that’s both multifunctional and cool.

2. The Floating Desk

If you’re looking for a really small office desk, perhaps the wall-mounted type would better suit your interior design layout. It’s also called a floating desk, and it’s just what its name suggests – a practical desk you can attach to an empty wall. Most types can be folded up when not used.

Anecdotally, this is the best desk type for tiny apartments.

3. Desks with Storage

There are many different types of storage desks, depending on what kind of storage you need. If you’re working from an improvised home office area, you probably need someplace to keep your files, documents, and other work-related things safe and organised, so you need drawers.

Contrary to popular belief, a small office desk can double as storage space too. With a few cabinets underneath and some shelving above, you can create a credenza-like effect where you can store books, gadgets, and all other things that you don’t know what to do with. We all have those.

4. The Folding Desk

The folding desk is another great option if you don’t have enough room for an actual home office. Aside from being very practical, they also look pretty interesting. After work, you can use a folding desk as a vanity, a book table, or a plant stand. Or, you can simply fold it when you don’t need it.

5. The Portable Desk

Portable White Height Adjustable Laptop Stand Desk

Portable White Height Adjustable Laptop Stand Desk

Another multipurpose solution comes from designers of portable desks, which can be moved around to provide additional surface area. They are usually slender and don’t use up much space to begin with. This model even lets you adjust the height and can also be used as a standing desk.


There’s a lot to think about before choosing the best home office desk, like how much space you have and how many hours you work. Opting for comfort and ergonomics over aesthetics is probably a good idea if you work long hours. The good news is that you have so many options to pick from.

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