The Technology Laced Future of Office Design

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 30th Dec 2020

The Technology Laced Future of Office Design

There’s something about technology that makes it innately human. Humans have invented millions of tools and gadgets, and humans keep perfecting them every passing day. The industrial revolution has marked a significant epoche in humanity, and the digital revolution has done just the same in our lifetime. Office design, trends, and fashion have changed over the years quite a lot.

From bulky leather chairs to more slick, ergonomic, supportive office furniture such as the Yarra Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair – tomorrow is already here in many offices worldwide. Today, we’ll explore how technology will change the future of office design, the importance of tech in the office, and what we can expect to see shortly.

Yarra Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair

Yarra Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair

Technology in the Office

A healthy work environment is the backbone of any buzzing office; and a healthy work environment can be augmented through technology. We take for granted many things that simplify our lives to such an extent that we couldn’t operate without them; and that includes our lives in the workplace.

In the past, computers were a novelty that offices could use to speed up their typing and communications. In the future, we’ll probably have AI, VR, and IoT integration to such an extent that we would forget it even existed – until it went away.

Aiding productivity through streamlining practices such as communication, smart office space design, and tech gadgets is nothing new, but the future will have a lot more of it.

The necessary changes

Many people are quite skeptical, and not everyone is ready to welcome change. While the workforce is steadily shifting to more technology-acceptant generations, there is going to be some resistance.

The New Tech

Many things are just now gaining a lot of traction. Some of them have yet to exist, some of them have been around for years; but all of them are entirely revolutionary.

Smart office technology

Smart tech is present everywhere. Biometric access, assistance in the workplace, improving work quality, and automatic shielding are all prospects that smart office tech promises to bring to the table.

IoT integration and optimization

IoT is a buzzing new tech, and it has found an immediate implementation in industry and hospitality sectors. It enables smart solutions, provides seamless control, and allows office equipment such as smart printers, HVAC units, and computers to communicate with you via the internet connection.

Dynamic and active work environments

The modern office is everything but a cubicle laced dystopian nightmare. The office of tomorrow emphasizes comfortable furniture such as the Magnum Italian Black Leather Executive Office Chair, building a dynamic environment, and promoting activity in the workplace, which complements workplace productivity.

Magnum Italian Black Leather Executive Office Chair

Magnum Italian Black Leather Executive Office Chair

In Conclusion

The modern office is a space of productivity, pleasing aesthetics, and innovation. With the future being right on our doorstep, it’s not hard to expect that it holds exciting new tech.

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