The Science Behind Stand-Up Desks: Why Are They Popular?

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 1st Mar 2023

The Science Behind Stand-Up Desks: Why Are They Popular?

With many technological advancements came upgrades in office furniture. You may have seen futuristic offices that use stand-up or sit-to-stand desks, and the reason is not just about the aesthetics.

These desks can benefit your physical and mental health and keep you productive during work hours. If you are wondering why a stand-up desk is such a prevalent feature in modern office design, we are here to tell you all about it. We warn you that you may be amazed by these desks and want to purchase one once you’ve seen their benefits.


People find it comfortable to slouch while sitting, which can cause significant health issues. Most people don’t sit straight, and those who spend most of their time in a chair usually complain about back pain. Stand-up desks may be the cure to this problem.

You can find electric sit-stand desks that will enable you to alternate between the sitting and standing positions. Doing so can straighten your back and stretch your muscles, eliminating pain and fixing your posture. You will see that the pain levels will increase significantly by using stand-up workstations.

Moreover, switching between standing and sitting during work hours may contribute to normal blood pressure and lower the risk of heart disease. You may also balance your blood sugar levels, thus decreasing the chances of developing diabetes.

Electric Standing Desk with 1400mm Top - Black

Electric Standing Desk with 1400mm Top - Black


Manual sit-stand desks hold a superpower: mood-boosting properties. If you are sitting all day, you may see that your energy levels can drop throughout the day, and you may even lack productivity. However, with the help of these desks, you can keep your energy levels high and finish your tasks effectively.

We may link the mood-boosting property to blood flow – when you are sitting, your posture may restrict your blood flow, and you may feel tired consequently. However, moving your body throughout the day can ensure proper blood flow and boost your mood and energy.


While working from our offices, we often look for distractions and miniature dopamine boosts. You may feel the urge to pick up your phone and scroll through social media or look for other things to distract you from your work. Stand-up workstations can eliminate distractions and help you focus on your tasks.

Standing will send your body signals that it should be on the move and be productive. You will feel that the task in front of you is urgent and a priority, leaving you no time to reach out for anything that may distract you. We can link this sense of urgency to blood flow – your blood will rush to your legs, telling your body that you must do something.

Axle Electric Sit Stand Office Desk with Screen

Axle Electric Sit Stand Office Desk with Screen


We are changing habits and taking care of our bodies. Everyone wants to be healthier and create healthier routines. A stand-up desk may help you on this journey. We have explained what makes these desks so prevalent in modern culture. Try it yourself to see the benefits these workstations can give you.

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