The Impact of Gen Z on Workplace Design

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 13th Jan 2021

The Impact of Gen Z on Workplace Design

As the beginning of Generation Z now started finishing universities, they’re slowly entering workplaces ready to make some changes. Even though Millennials still outnumber them, the young, prospective, and energetic Gen Z is here to change the known workplaces to fit their work habits better.

The offices we’re familiar with now are gradually enduring changes to match the newly employed staff’s personality and work ethic. Although this is just the beginning, companies can expect some mild shifts and changes that will happen in the next couple of years. Continue reading to find out what changes you can expect to happen.

1. More Technology

Probably the most expected thing is more technology. This is not surprising. But the whole Gen Z grew up with mobile phones, computers, and other gadgets present in their lives from their earliest childhood days. Unlike other generations, they didn’t need to learn how to use technology. This is because they grew up with it and find it all very natural.

So, although Millennials are still maintaining some amount of face-to-face interactions, printed handouts, and presentations, this will most likely be discarded with Gen Z.

Because of their upbringing, Gen Z can entirely rely on technology. So, they don’t see the need for many physical meetings and printed documents.

This is why the offices will be much simpler, without clutter. People will come into the office only when necessary. It will allow for minimalistic workplace design and the use of multi-purpose furniture. With this, pieces of furniture will be practical and smart.

What is believed to be the perfect desk for this is our Stockholm Modern Manual Height Adjustable Table / Desk on Wheels, which proves to be the best choice because of its compact size, mobility, and adjustable height.

Stockholm Modern Manual Height Adjustable Table / Desk on Wheels

Stockholm Modern Manual Height Adjustable Table / Desk on Wheels

Fluid Work and Home Space

We can bring our work home and continue working just like we would do in the office because of technological advancements. The majority of young adults even prefer working from the comfort of their home; especially with the pandemic, which made all companies switch to the home regime.

Pandemic or not, Gen Z finds the fluidity of home office workspaces much more attractive than simply going to work and back from it. At the home office, people can access their work at any given time if an urgent matter needs to be attended to. People feel safer and more comfortable, which can positively affect their work performance.

As Gen Z grew up with social media and all information available to them at their fingertips, the office can be mobile and accessible even from the most remote places. So, we can witness more and more people decorating and coming up with creative workplace designs that will make their home office pleasant, personalised, but also customisable.

The perfect match for a clean home office look is our Modern Executive Corner Office Desk with Return that can fit any room space and design.

Modern Executive Corner Office Desk with Return

Modern Executive Corner Office Desk with Return


To summarise, we can expect some changes in the upcoming years that Gen Z will propose. None can be certain what the future will bring; but we’re probably looking at clean home office workplaces and tech devices that will further ease our tasks. Check out our design ideas to get inspired.

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