The Hidden Health Benefits of Stand Up Desks

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 14th Dec 2022

The Hidden Health Benefits of Stand Up Desks

Did you know that something as simple as a stand up desk can help you avoid heart disease and lower the risk of cancer? Many people wrongly believe that working at a sit stand desk can lead only to increased workplace productivity and a more positive mood in the office. However, there’s much more to adjustable stand up desks than boosting productivity, as height-adjustable stand up desks bear many health benefits for users.

Here is a brief overview of the hidden health benefits of a manual sit stand desk.

Healthier heart

Axle Electric Sit Stand Office Desk with Screen

Axle Electric Sit Stand Office Desk with Screen

Recent research has indicated that using an electric sit stand desk at work can help reduce blood pressure, increase circulation, and contribute to your heart health by preventing blood clots and cardiovascular disease. That’s why you can find this desk model, such as Axle Electric Sit Stand Office Desk, in most modern-day offices.

Maintain a healthy body weight

Standing can do wonders for your weight as it increases daily calorie burn. According to studies, you can get rid of around 8 pounds of fat annually by standing for 3 hours daily.

In addition, standing can also help you improve your posture, avoid lower back pain, and relieve neck strain. Maintaining a healthy mentality is easy when your body doesn’t suffer. That’s why ergonomic office furniture is an industry standard today.

Improved mood

E-Scape Manual Height Adjustable Rectangle Desk - White

E-Scape Manual Height Adjustable Rectangle Desk - White

A stand up desk has an incredible impact on your mood. A study has shown that a manual sit stand desk can help employees eliminate depression, improve mental clarity and focus, and deal with tension.

Aside from a sleek design, ergonomic manual sit stand office furniture, such as E-Scape Manual Height Adjustable Rectangle Desk, can help you deal with chronic tiredness and improve your productivity and workplace engagement by increasing your efficiency.

You’ll feel more motivated about your daily duties when you don’t have to deal with pressure, stress, and exhaustion.

More flexible and stronger joints

A sedentary way of life leads to excessive fatigue and joint pain, because the human body requires movement and flexibility. However, sitting for long periods prevents your body from maintaining healthy joints, good posture, and skeletal integrity. That’s why office workers always feel tired.

Something as simple as standing up every hour or so can help you avoid back pain and all the health risks associated with prolonged sitting. You can make yourself feel more energized by introducing standing activities to your regular day in the office.


Sit stand office furniture is an innovation that can help employees maintain a healthier lifestyle and improve their creativity, productivity, mood, and focus. Gone are the days of the regular office desks. Modern times require new measures with employees’ well-being in mind.

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