The Best Way to Organize a Desk With Drawers

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 27th Oct 2021

The Best Way to Organize a Desk With Drawers

Everyone who’s worked at an office, even from a cozy home office, knows how difficult it can be to organize a desk with drawers. Most people usually resort to just showing anything that gets in their way into the drawer. It creates one big mess where you can never find what you need.

Artiss Metal Black Office Desk with 3 Drawers Cabinet

Artiss Metal Black Office Desk with 3 Drawers Cabinet

If you want your neat little home office desk, like the Artis metal black office desk or your impressive executive office desk to look tidy and professional, and you want to be able to just reach into your drawer and instantly find an item, take a look at these simple tips.

Overhaul your accessories

Even the biggest and elaborate desk with drawers can get cluttered up with things you don’t need. Empty out all the drawers. Start separating used up pens, old post-it notes and papers with random scribblings, old batteries, and other things that belong in the trash.

Place the things you need in a separate pile. Make a list of any items that need to be replaced or items you need but have never bought. There will probably be more junk in there than you realize. It may take you some time to sort through it, but it will be worth the effort.

Divide everything into categories and label it

Once you know what you will keep, take several pieces of paper and write down a category name on them; e.g. client files, pens and small stationery items, scissors and box cutters, electronics. Place these in different areas on the floor and start putting all the things into their designated categories. Home office desks tend to be even more chaotic, so you may end up with quite a few piles.

Now that everything is divided and labeled, you need an efficient way to store it all in your desk drawers.

Use holders, cardboard boxes, or plastic food containers

You don’t have to spend time looking for fancy specialized stationary organizers. Just get plenty of different containers that will fit well into your drawers. Small cardboard or tin boxes and plastic food containers are excellent for storing any small loose items that easily get lost in a drawer, like pens, paperclips, and tape.

There are endless models of folders and document organizers available for all your files and daily notes, and even cheap desk drawer organizers will be fine. It’s best to go with several separate containers so that you can label each one and save yourself a lot of trouble. However, a nice drawer organizer may fit the aesthetic of a designer executive office desk much better.

Designer Executive Office Desk Under Desk Right Storage Return

Designer Executive Office Desk Under Desk Right Storage Return

A desk with drawers is a lifesaver when you have tons of stationery but need extra room on your desk for large monitors, printers, or just need some room to move around. As long as you follow these steps and organize your desk drawers properly, you will feel much more relaxed and efficient at work.

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