Selecting the Right Office Bookshelves

Posted by UrbanHyve Team on 18th Mar 2020

Selecting the Right Office Bookshelves

Have you ever thought that you spend nearly equal time in your office and your home? Yet, you are sensitive about the interiors of your home and relatively oblivious to the same in the office.

Once you start thinking about your office décor the way you plan your home’s interiors, you will start seeing the deficiencies in unplanned office spaces. An often-ignored part of office furniture is the office bookshelf.

Most people don’t consider having a bookshelf in the office until they see it in someone else’s office. Yet, most manager’s have an office bookshelf in their office. The primary idea behind having an office bookshelf in one’s office is that you can catch up on your ongoing books as soon as you have a minute or two of free time.

At the same time, people coming to visit in your office get a free recommendation of what interests you. Besides, it also shows that you like to read and acquire knowledge beyond work.

Now imagine – what if the benefits of having an office bookshelf got extended to the entire company, instead of just the manager’s? This is the reason why your office and your employees deserve an office bookshelf.

Here’s how you can choose what type of bookshelf would work for your office.

If you go through the catalogue of Urban Hyve, you will get to see options in terms of design, material and colours. Take your time and carefully go through each option. Instead of going through the entire catalogue, all you have to do is study your office space and understand the requirements of your people.

For instance – if you have scarce office space, it would not make a lot of sense to have an entire rack of bookshelves in the premises. Here, you can choose to have a mobile bookcase that would fit right beneath the workstation.

The key reason why bookshelves are necessary in the office – is that they have a deep impact on the productivity of people. Wondering how? It’s simple. You can choose to have lots of accessories in your office that may or may not impact the work of your team.

But when you choose to have an office bookshelf and put your best recommendations on it, you are instilling a culture of acquiring knowledge and being utilitarian with the office space, irrespective of how limited it is.

How can we help you choose the right bookshelf for your office?

We don’t make you go through an entire catalogue of off the shelf (pun intended!) bookshelves. We sit with you and give you a free office interior planning consultation session. Once this session is over, you will have a readily available list of ideas that we can start working on.

Evolution Open Top Storage Cabinet - Designer Range

Evolution Open Top Storage Cabinet - Designer Range

These ideas will focus on the issues relevant to your office. Whether it is needed for excessive storage, very limited office space or just the requirement to fit the bookshelf in the office’s interior design – we have you covered.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to our team today and get your free consultation session. 

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