Selecting the Right Office Bookshelf For Your Needs

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 22nd Jun 2022

Selecting the Right Office Bookshelf For Your Needs

Whether you work from home, in a conventional office, or any workspace in between, your choice of office storage will significantly impact your productivity and workplace satisfaction. That’s why you should never go about choosing your office furniture lightly, especially when it comes to your office bookshelves.

More than simple solutions for book display, office bookshelves enable you to keep your workspace nicely organised, convenient, and comfortable.

Learn what essential factors you’ll need to consider when choosing your perfect office bookshelves.

Assess the size of the bookshelves

Artiss Foldable Desk with Bookshelf - White

Artiss Foldable Desk with Bookshelf - White

You need to consider your available space before you even start thinking about which bookshelf would look the best in your office. Although it doesn’t always look like it, office bookshelves can have quite a footprint.

If you have smaller offices, you need to think vertically. Go for slender, tall bookshelves that offer plenty of storage space without taking up much room. You could even go the more practical route and get office desks with built-in bookshelves – while they don’t usually have much storage, they can be an excellent solution when you have limited space.

Standalone vs built-in bookshelves

If you want to make your office feel more spacious, you could go for built-in bookshelves. While they require a heftier investment, they can provide you with all the office storage space you need without making the room feel cluttered.

Unlike standalone ones, they cannot be moved around with ease. So you’ll have to consider your office design carefully before you make the investment.

Standalone shelves are the way to go if you prefer to play around with the office layout from time to time.

Consider the materials

OM Half Doors Wooden Lockable Cabinet OM 

Half Doors Wooden Lockable Cabinet

After taking the office measurements and determining the best size for your office bookshelves, you should start thinking about the best materials for your needs. You’ll have three choices – plastic, metal, or wood.

Plastic bookshelves are the cheapest, but for a reason. They have strict weight limitations and will warp over time, especially when exposed to heat. Therefore, you don’t want to place them next to your heating elements or by the windows, where they’ll be exposed to direct sunlight.

Metal bookshelves are usually the most expensive, but they do offer unique benefits. They’re relatively lightweight, durable, and can easily withstand the weight of all your books, papers, and folders. They’re ideal for modern offices as they add a lovely industrial touch.

Still, there’s a reason why wood is usually the way to go. Wooden cabinets and bookshelves introduce natural elements to your office, making it feel more vibrant and comfortable. They’re sturdy, resilient, and elegant, coming in various styles that will suit your tastes and preferences.

Form follows function

Finally, you should consider the form. Of course, you should prioritise office storage space and overall convenience, but you should never neglect the appearance of your office bookshelf.

The good news is that modern bookshelves come in all shapes and sizes, with lovely artistic touches that can make any office look more welcoming. If you want to make a strong impression on everyone who enters your office, you could go so far as to order customisable shelves with your brand logo carved or printed on them.

Final thoughts

The right selection of office bookshelves will help you make your office more appealing and better organised. Consider your choice carefully and ensure that your bookshelves are the right size and style for your needs.

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