Options for Office Stand-up Workstations

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 21st Sep 2022

Options for Office Stand-up Workstations

As stand-up desks become the go-to piece of office furniture, businesses and organisations worldwide are investing in these flexible and customisable workstations. Although they’re still quite a new product on the market, there are numerous stand-up desk options you can choose from.

If you’re not sure which options are available, you’re in the right place. We cover the essential sit-stand desk options from materials to functionality to size.



Hardwood stand-up desks are the most popular option, especially when it comes to maple and oak desks. Bamboo desks are also made, although they require special manufacturing methods. Most people choose hardwood stand-up desks because they’re durable, sturdy, and easily fit into every office space style. For instance, the Oblique Height Adjustable Office Desk in Soft Maple is always a good choice.

Oblique Height Adjustable Office Desk - Soft Maple

Oblique Height Adjustable Office Desk - Soft Maple


Metal stand-up desks are an excellent alternative to hardwood ones. They’re also reliable and durable, but usually lighter and slightly cheaper. If you’re planning to move your sit-stand desk around the office frequently, buying a metal one is the best solution to combine quality construction and lightweight design.


Plastic sit-stand desks are an excellent idea if you want to have the advantages of stand-up desks but don’t have the budget to finance metal or hardwood designs. These desks have all the fundamental features of a stand-up desk at a much better price. Even though they’re not as durable as some other materials, they’re still a good choice for a first stand-up desk.



A manual sit-stand desk has a handle or lever for manual height adjustment. Depending on the design, you can pull the lever or turn the handle to set up the desired desk height. Manual stand-up desks are usually more affordable.


An electric sit-stand desk doesn’t require physical effort to set up the desk height – you adjust the height with a simple push of a button. The Electric Standing Desk with 1400mm Top has a two-button control panel and is extra silent.

Electric Standing Desk with 1400mm Top Electric Standing Desk with 1400mm Top



Individual stand-up desks are designed to be used by one person at a time.They come in different materials, sizes, and colours, so everyone can find an individual sit-stand desk they like. These desks are beneficial because they encourage employees to be more active during office hours and avoid experiencing various health issues connected to prolonged sitting.


Office stand-up workstations have the same health benefits as individual stand-up desks. The only difference is that these workstations are designed to be used by more people. Shared stand-up workstations are a great choice if you want your employees to enjoy the features of these customisable solutions at a reasonable price.


Finding your perfect office stand-up desk shouldn’t be hard, considering there are numerous designs to choose from. Once you find your ideal desk, you can look at our modern office ideas to see the office spaces we created using sit-stand desks.

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