Open and Inviting Living Room Design Ideas to Consider

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 27th Jan 2021

Open and Inviting Living Room Design Ideas to Consider

Summer is coming, and it’s coming fast. To escape the hot weather that’s inevitably going to come, a lot of us are probably going to spend more time inside.

If you want to keep cozy and snuggly in your living room without all the hot temperatures from the outdoors, it’s time to redecorate.

This is why we’ve decided to give you a couple of interesting living room design ideas on how to set up your living room and keep everyone happy. Now let’s see what you can do.

Back to The 1940s

OM Half Doors Wooden Lockable Cabinet

OM Half Doors Wooden Lockable Cabinet

Get that woody and brown colour in your living room. Line your whole floor with oiled oak. Add some comfy sofas for everyone to relax or if you don’t want to, consider sitting benches.

Spread them out on the periphery of the room and make them more comfortable with wooly cushions and leather throws. Also, consider adding beanbags for maximum comfort.

Make Concrete Feel Warm

It’s true that concrete has never felt or looked cozy. But if you have this kind of living room, you need to work with what you have. Concrete is especially cold during winter, but during summer you can take this to your advantage.

First of all, make sure to paint all the concrete a warmer colour. Then add homely details around the living room like a fireplace, shaggy rugs, or plumpy chairs and sofas to make the whole place feel comfy.

Traditional Comfort

Old-fashioned walls with exposed bricks and splattered paint can add a cozy quality to your living room space. Show that it’s not only about work and being serious.

It’s sometimes about simple things like relaxing and enjoying a cup of tea. Consider adding green sofas, red armchairs, and cane cabinetry to complement the traditional look and add more warmth.

Modern Warmth

Isabelle Marble Coffee Table

Isabelle Marble Coffee Table

Large beams with dark timber can be a great addition to the walls. Consider adding sofas, thick rugs, and marble tables in front of these walls. This combination of earthly elements and colours can create a sense of warmth in your space.

At the same time, they will showcase nature and the ruggedness of life. Candles also might be a good addition, as they are a symbol of simplicity and taking things easy.

Rustic and Contemporary

If you have an old living room space that looks dated, we have great news for you. This approach is all about combining rustic and old features with some new elements.

Pair your old fireplace, wood burner, worn beams, and cracked walls with wired chairs, steel cabinets, and large tables. Bring together those old designs with new sleek and modern furniture. That’s how you can create a professional yet cozy environment.


Consider these living room design ideas and expand them. Add your own personal touch and your living room special. This is especially important if you plan your living room to be your home office this summer.

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