Office Furniture and Design

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 17th Feb 2021

Office Furniture and Design

Functional and quality workspace design is vital if you want to create a productive atmosphere and improve your employees’ experience. Over the last two decades, the modern office has gone through several transformations. The transformations were mainly driven by innovative office furniture and design. However, there’s a new transformative factor – the concerns of workers. Today we explore the latest office furniture and design trends and the needs of modern workers.

Workspace Should Support Collaborative and Individual Work

More and more companies have people on a payroll that work from home these days. However, workers from home are still part of the project teams. Very often, other team members work in the company offices.

Since working on a project requires both collaborative and individual effort, you have to develop design ideas that facilitate this unique type of workflow. A functional combination of 1 person workbook, office workstations, conference rooms, and open space provides a viable office design answer to this need.

Physical Division Solution as Workspace Design Challenge

COVID-19 pandemic got a lot of people worried. One recent survey showed us that more than 70% of workers are concerned about safety protocols in a workspace. To make their employees feel safe, businesses will not only have to improve air quality and ventilation but also add office partition screens to reduce the chances of the novel virus spreading.

Fortunately, the office furniture manufacturers have come up with acrylic screens that can be easily mounted on existing office furniture. More importantly, these acrylic screens are completely transparent and bring minimum to no disruption to the concept of office design.

Stylish Breakout and Eating Design

Employees are also concerned with food and beverage safety and the safety of breakout and dining areas. Businesses are taking certain precautions to ensure not to overcrowd dining and breakout areas. From a design perspective, you can do a few different things.

Breakout and dining area design should promote bonding, relaxation, and stress-relief while at the same time enabling employees to feel safe. Breakout area chairs can complement the designs that put safety in the first place.

Safety Comes First

Office design and furniture play an important role in increasing productivity and developing a sense of belonging to a community. Today we see that they can also help businesses create a safe environment for all employees without sacrificing comfort, productivity, and efficiency.

Safety comes first, and office designers and furniture manufacturers have recognized this need, enabling businesses worldwide to provide employees with a safe workplace.

In Conclusion

The COVID-19 pandemic created momentum for businesses of all sizes. No matter how big or small, every company can now use this opportunity to reset the workplace, implement the best workplace design practices, and complement it with relevant office furniture.

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