Office Fit Out Designers: What You Need To Know

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 13th Apr 2022

Office Fit Out Designers: What You Need To Know

One of the big expenses your company will have is an office fit out. That’s why you need to consider your decision carefully. All the facilities, the feel, and the look of your office will help improve your brand image and boost employee productivity.

Finding good office fit out designers is only half the job. The other half is about how, where, and what you will be changing to make the most out of your space while having a consistent design. Don’t think that your service providers will take care of everything on their own.

You need to be involved and consider certain things before starting.

Determine your needs

Office Furniture Fitout

Office Furniture Fitout

Before hiring an office fit-out company, ask yourself the big questions and answer them. Why are you planning on creating a new office? Where will the office be located, and what do you want from your new space?

If you answer these questions, it will be easier to figure out all the essentials you need, visual choices, budget, and how long the project will last. While doing your office furniture space planning, think about the future, potential changes in your business, and how your office can adjust to the needs.

Think about your brand

Your office design should align with your culture, value, ideas, vision, and brand identity. It’s something that office furniture designers won’t consider unless you want them to. The whole office space should be in sync with your marketing and advertising efforts.

People need to get the same impression when they visit your offices after seeing an ad or engage with your brand in any other way.

Assess staff needs and restructure space

Things change quickly in modern business. It’s driven by new technologies, innovations, and changes in how people collectively perceive their jobs. Forget about trends and “things you must have.”

Communicate Whiteboard - Room Dividers on Wheels

Communicate Whiteboard - Room Dividers on Wheels

Don’t look at what others are doing and try to copy. Think about what your staff actually needs, what kind of culture you have, do you need office partition screens or open, collaborative space, do you need recreational areas, separate offices, and so on.

Colours are important

Colour psychology is a known thing. Talk about the colour palette with the project manager, brand manager, and interior designer to find creative ways to insert your visual identity through colours. At the same time, combine saturated colours to create a stimulating environment.

Round Balance Ottomans

Round Balance Ottomans

Blue colours also soothe the mind and make logical work easier. On the other hand, the green colour promotes balance while red promotes physician work. Look for something like our Round Balance Ottoman and get items with the right colours for your office.

Organise for the fit out

Keep in mind that your business needs to remain operational during a fit out. You might want to consider migrating essential operations to a temporary location, but you can also shut down non-essential departments. Talk to your teams and managers to organize your workflow during the project and ensure your business doesn’t suffer.


We hope you find these tips useful and that you’ll be able to find the best office layout with the help of office furniture designers.

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