Living Room Ideas

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 26th May 2021

Living Room Ideas

Living rooms are usually where we spend most of our time when we’re at home. That’s why you should take extra care when picking the right theme and furniture for your living room. Today, you can find many different styles popular across modern homes, so picking one might be a little difficult.

You should keep in mind that you won’t be redecorating your living room again for a few years at least, so you should take your time to find the pieces that work the best for the style you pick. Here are a few cool living room ideas you should definitely consider.

1. Industrial

Harry Polo Square Coffee Table Black Flat packed

Harry Polo Square Coffee Table Black Flat packed

The industrial style has been very popular in the past few years. It focuses on combining different materials such as steel, wood, and bricks. The modern variant usually involves copper details, giving you that industrial feel all over the room.

Depending on your personal preference, you can either go with a more rugged vintage look or focus on a darker, modern representation of the same style. There are a lot of furniture options, coffee tables, and other details you can find in stores today, so it shouldn’t be too hard to put everything together.

2. Scandinavian

Yambuk Cloudy Grey 3 Seater Sofa Bed

Yambuk Cloudy Grey 3 Seater Sofa Bed

The Scandinavian design is popular among people who prefer a minimalistic design. Today, many popular stories offer a wide variety of furniture, details, rugs, and everything you need to furnish your living room in this popular style.

It usually consists of gentle contours, bright accent colours, and a mix of organic and engineered materials. The focus is on function and object proportions. Most living rooms that belong to this style combine white, grey, and beige tones. This Yambuk Cloudy Sofa Bed is an excellent choice as the main piece.

3. Bohemian

The Bohemian decor is an excellent choice if you have an adventurous spirit and love to fill your living quarters with avantgarde details. This style involves using different patterns and vibrant colours, with a lot of red and purple details. While so many colours and shapes might seem messy, you’ll get a special look everyone will remember with the right organisation and placement.

The furniture that works best has a Moroccan or Southwestern feel inspired by tribal designs. Don’t be afraid to use all kinds of different textiles, metallic details, wooden flooring, and even animal hides.

4. Urban Modern

Ebden Fabric Armchair

Ebden Fabric Armchair

The urban modern design is very popular among apartment owners living in big cities. It is inspired by a cosmopolitan way of life, modern buildings, and a few traditional details. In fact, it’s a style that combines the 20th and 21st centuries into one fantastic look. A few Ebden Fabric Armchairs will fit in just perfectly.

The furniture is usually larger than most, and it has a low profile all across the room. You can mix things up a little with decorative accents such as pillows, tables, mirrors, and so on. This particular style allows you to show your creative expressions by adding vintage items, geometric designs, and other similar details.

In Conclusion

These are some of the most popular living room ideas in 2021. If you’re having a hard time finding the best furniture and picking the best materials, you can always browse one of the best offers of modern furniture and find something truly unique.

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