How To Choose Office Bookshelves

Posted by UrbanHyve Team on 28th Oct 2020

How To Choose Office Bookshelves

Office culture is a reflection of brand culture - there’s no going around that. It starts with the owner(s), continues through the employees, and ultimately, it’s communicated to the customers through services/products.

Suppose you are of a mind to build an office culture that revolves around neatness and accessibility of information. You’ll have to start with your filing systems and office bookshelves. Even though we’re now in the digital era, having a physical file or a book in hand is an essential part of every office’s workflow. Here are the critical factors to help you choose an excellent office shelf.

The bookshelf capacity

Artiss Foldable Desk with Bookshelf

Artiss Foldable Desk with Bookshelf

Finding perfect office bookshelves depends largely on identifying what they need. What kind of books do you use? What documentation do you want to store? How much of that stuff do you have? Do you expect this filing issue to grow? All of these questions need to be answered so you can make informed decisions.

When it comes to capacity, you’ll need to understand what kind of books you will store. Also, what kind of files, and how much of that needs to be fitted in there. This is how you determine the capacity that your bookshelf needs to have.

The design of the shelf

This is a secondary but also a fundamental issue during this process. A company culture revolves around its image as much as anything else. The look of your office, when furnished, sets a specific tone that tells employees and customers that visit what kind of operation you are running. Are you focused on professionalism? Do you have a free and open environment? This can all be said through the design of the office furniture you pick out for your space.

Flexibility of application

Finally, the books and documentation that you keep in your office bookshelves will change over time. They might grow to a number that you didn’t expect. Maybe they come in various dimensions, and they can’t fit.

You don’t want to pick out a bookshelf that fits only one type of book and becomes redundant if something changes.


Deluxe Infinity Bookcase

Deluxe Infinity Bookcase

Ultimately, what good is a shelf if it falls apart, right? You want reliability. If it falls apart, your documentation will not be destroyed, but it will definitely be damaged. Furthermore, it’s embarrassing for the company to buy furniture that isn’t well made. Your investments are a reflection of your culture, and whether you like it or not, you need to make good choices. Poorly built shelves won’t cut it, so go for something reliable.

We hope this guide helps you make better choices when picking office bookshelves. Make sure you consider all the major factors before making a final choice. If you find anything confusing, inquire with the manufacturer until you get the full picture. Good luck!

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