How Stand-up Desks Can Help You Be More Productive

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 16th Nov 2022

How Stand-up Desks Can Help You Be More Productive

As stand-up desks become more common in corporate offices and home office spaces, people have started seeing a link between the use of a stand-up desk and improved productivity.

Is it true that a piece of furniture can make a noticeable difference in focus and productivity, though?

Well, yes, it can!

Those who use an electric or manual sit-stand desk stand approximately 96 minutes less every day compared to traditional desk users, which significantly affects overall productivity. Let’s take a closer look at how exactly stand-up desks achieve this.

Reduced back and neck pain

Back and neck pain are mainly connected with prolonged sitting. When a person spends a longer period in the sitting position, the soft discs become squished. That leads to the loss of blood and nutrient absorption, which can’t only cause a less flexible spine but can lead to serious disc damage.

Since stand-up desks promote movement and keep your body active, people using them can alleviate most of these issues. Although using stand-up desks prevents back and neck pain, investing in an ergonomic chair is highly recommended.

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A sudden jolt of brainpower

The more time you spend sitting, the quicker you’ll kill your brain. That’s because the thickness of our temporal lobe is directly connected to how much time we spend sitting. Since the temporal lobe is responsible for forming memories and spatial cognition, it’s essential to take good care of it.

By spending more time standing, you can stimulate your brain by allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach it. That leads to increased blood flow and circulation, giving you a jolt of brainpower.

With a stand-up desk, you can increase the creation of new brain cells and thus promote healthier living.

Increased productivity

Finally, a manual or electric sit-stand desk can improve employee productivity by increasing their focus and lowering their stress levels. In fact, switching to a stand-up desk can improve productivity by up to 10%. It is a big deal considering how much time we spend working today.

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Electric Standing Desk with 1400mm Top

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Final thoughts

A stand-up desk is one of the best investments you can make if you’re thinking about being more productive and getting rid of that back and neck pain for good. By reducing back pain and improving your posture, you’ll have more energy and focus on tackling the tasks you come across throughout the workday.

If you’re still thinking about it, this is your sign to go ahead and place that purchase because you surely won’t regret it.

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