How Office Furniture Affects Productivity

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 3rd Mar 2021

How Office Furniture Affects Productivity

Depressing cubicles and small, grey offices should be a thing of the past by now. A modern office needs a welcoming interior design that improves employee collaboration and also ensures each staff member’s utmost comfort. And where does employee comfort start rather than at office furniture? High-quality office furniture can be quite an investment, but one that offers the best returns.

It impacts performance and productivity and can ultimately make a significant difference in your bottom line. Take a look at just how crucial good office furniture is.

Importance of Ergonomics

Ergonomics isn’t just a big marketing buzzword. It’s a scientific discipline that focuses on understanding the interaction between the worker and the working environment, making sure that it’s the environment that’s altered to fit the worker and not the other way around.

A workplace that’s designed to fit the employee’s needs is safer and healthier. It reduces workplace injuries and improves employees’ overall mental and physical wellbeing.

Anyone who spent a workday sitting in a poor-quality office chair at a desk that’s too low for comfort and a keyboard that’s barely within reach knows that ergonomics plays quite an important role in the workplace.

Less Discomfort – Fewer Distractions

Kelvin Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Kelvin Ergonomic Office Chair

Poor office furniture designs will impact more than office aesthetics. Using uncomfortable chairs, desks, and workstations can result in:

  • Low back pain
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Headaches
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Numbness
  • Fatigue

Employees who experience any of these symptoms will need to take more frequent breaks. They’ll be distracted by pain and discomfort, and any painkillers they take for treating it can sedate them. All these distractions will naturally lower productivity and affect employee performance.

A simple ergonomic office chair and a suitable desk can eliminate these problems and make it easier for your employees to focus.

Collaborative Furniture Improves Teamwork

Axle 18 Person Desks - 120 Degree Workstation - epanel Screens

Axle 18 Person Desks - 120 Degree Workstation - epanel Screens

Just by being close to one another, your employees will be more likely to communicate and collaborate more freely. That’s precisely why many modern offices have an open floor plan without isolating cubicles.

A collaborative workstation such as the 18-person desk will help you keep your teams together, making them more efficient and allowing them to work together without any obstacles.

Top Office Furniture Boosts Employee Morale

By focusing on employee comfort and wellbeing, you’ll be showing just how much you value and appreciate your team.

Upgrading office furniture can help you quickly boost employee morale and build a company culture that puts the employee first. The more you show your workers that you care about them, the more loyal and hardworking they’ll be.

Final Thoughts

For most people, their office is their second home. They spend most of their time there, hence their work area must be a pleasant and comfortable space.

High-quality office furniture can improve the health and safety of your employees, boost their performance, and increase their job satisfaction levels. It’s something that shouldn’t be disregarded.

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