How Modern Office Furniture is Impacted by the Evolution of the Workplace

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 6th Jan 2021

How Modern Office Furniture is Impacted by the Evolution of the Workplace

We’ve grown so accustomed to the evolution of tech and digital solutions that we now seamlessly adapt to changes in software, devices, and overall approach to life. Nowhere is this real than in the business environment. These days even the entry-level office worker needs to understand tech to a decent degree; let alone later on when bigger responsibilities start falling on your plate. The modern office environment evolves with tech as well to accommodate new business trends and workplace dynamics. Let’s discuss what those changes are and how to implement them in your office organization.

Designing the office based on activity

Even though it is a bit more challenging figuring out the flow of an office in advance, having it designed specifically adapted to your organizational style. In the digital age, offices have a different flow to them. The biggest difference is that thanks to cloud technology and Wi-Fi, we can access files without constrained to a specific location.

If an office worker needs to focus and read something, they can find a quiet place with a comfortable. The same goes for any other work type.

We are no longer just tied down to a desk; we have the luxury to make things comfortable thanks to that. Sofas, armchairs, other more casual furniture finds its way into the office environment.

Designed to encourage communication

Axle 18 Person Desks - 120 Degree Workstation

Axle 18 Person Desks - 120 Degree Workstation

Regardless of the fact that tech makes a lot of things easier, we still have a lot of personal face-to-face communication around the office.

Sometimes we get up and take a look at somebody else screen; sometimes we show them what they need to see on our phones, and sometimes we send them a link; we always talk to each other. That’s why a clear line of sight and easy communication on the office floor is essential.

It’s reflected in the open organization of the office floor, doing away with cubicles and creating collective desks, which encourages communication.

Health around the office

We’ve come a long way from office spaces filled with smoke and rigid design. These days modern office design focuses on the wellbeing of the people who spend more than eight or more hours a day in it.

We use ergonomic furniture to ensure the right posture for employees and avoid chronic injuries due to prolonged sitting. We use air purifiers, AC, and other methods to keep the air from getting stale and the temperature pleasant.

Group activity environments

Oblique Height Adjustable 8-10 Person Boardroom Table

Oblique Height Adjustable 8-10 Person Boardroom Table

Most modern businesses comprise of various departments that function like smaller units within a bigger team. These groups, regardless of the digital tools at their disposal, need space within the office to discuss issues related to the department’s organization and efficiency.

Boardroom spaces and conference spaces are now a standard for every office, and the number of these rooms depends on the size of the team.

We hope we managed to help you create a clearer vision of your office space. Have fun designing your office!

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