Getting An Ideal Office Reception Desk

Posted by UrbanHyve Team on 16th Sep 2020

Getting An Ideal Office Reception Desk

Your office is one of the most critical places in your life – so ensuring that it's confident, comfortable, and convenient is essential. But this begs the question:

"How does one make the office feel professional, comfortable, and welcoming at the same time?"

The answer to this question is picking out the best reception desk for your office available. One of the essential parts of your office, aside from your conference room and the actual workplace is your reception.

Below, we're going to discuss what makes up the best reception desk, and how you can pick one for your unique office reception.

Reception – Where we make first impressions

First impressions matter. When someone enters your office space, you want to make them feel welcome, but you want to remain as professional as possible. Your reception tells a lot about your office in general, and your corporate practices as well.

You should take special care when picking put your office reception desk – as it says a lot about your company as a whole.



Split Double with Middel Counter

There are many different office spaces out there, all of which are unique in their own right. Some are large, some are small, and all of them carry different aesthetics. You need to be careful and pick out the right office reception desk, as it needs to complement the rest of your interior design.

Aesthetics aren't the only things you need to consider when you're picking out the right design. Size, comfort, and design elements themselves play a significant role themselves and should influence your choice.

You don't always need a massive reception desk. Sometimes, your smaller office's best option is something akin to the slick and compact Roma Reception Unit.

Roma Reception Unit Front Desk Counters

Roma Reception Unit Front Desk Counters


Picking out the right reception desk is also down to the materials – as they range wildly in looks, quality, and price themselves. While a reception desk should be the centerpiece of your reception – it should not overwhelm the visitor or employee.

Everyone likes mahogany, slick marble, and corian, but these are all pretty expensive. You're going to want to pick out a material combination that will serve its purpose both budget and function wise.

Branding elements

Split Double One Hob 77071.1581320066

Split Double One Hob

The olden days of a huge logo in the centre of your reception desk are far gone, but a reception desk with branding elements is still a telltale sign of a professional corporation.

While you shouldn't plaster your reception desk with logos and slogans, you want it to stand out. Make sure to be creative with design elements that present the brand the way you want it.

The best option for your reception desk, branding element-wise, is beautiful by itself but provides a blank branding sheet for your creative expression, such as the slick Split Double.

In Conclusion

Your office should be gorgeous, comfortable, and functional. The first step to achieving this goal is picking out the right reception desk – as first impressions matter more than you think.

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