Choosing the Right Office Furniture Design 

Posted by UrbanHyve Team on 29th Apr 2020

Choosing the Right Office Furniture Design 

The best office furniture design is not noticed for a long time. This is because it fits very comfortably in the office’s interior plan. Hence, visitors often end up appreciating the office theme instead of acknowledging the comfort of a singular piece of furniture.

The problem is that if you don’t choose the right office furniture design properly, it will stand out and then everyone will be able to notice that one piece of furniture which does not make sense. People will then ignore most of the office’s well-crafted furniture pieces and give attention to that one piece which does not fit in.

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Hence, choosing the right office furniture design is an act of balance – there are a few dos and don’ts that will go a long way in giving you the maximum value for your buck in office furniture.

Want to know how to choose the right office furniture design? Read along!

The right office furniture design does not begin with choosing what all you will buy or what designer you will hire. The process of choosing the right office furniture design begins on the very first day of your business.

Sure, you might have started in a smaller place and might have used pre-assembled furniture already available with the space. But from that very day, you also decided what industry you would be in, what culture you will have in the office and how will teams work in the office.

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On top of this, by the time you are getting your office furniture designed, your business must have propelled to a height where it’s no more about survival. You would have a growth plan in place along with a strategy. Your office furniture design will have to incorporate all these factors.

Here is how you can proceed with making the right choices in terms of office furniture design

Gauge your need with a long-term perspective

You might be paying for the office furniture with this year’s budget. But the same piece of furniture will stay with you and your team for years to come. The office furniture you choose today will have an impact on the productivity of your teams for years to come.

Flix Tall Wave ABW Seating

Flix Tall Wave ABW Seating

Soon, new people will join your team and they too will use the same office furniture. Hence, invest in office furniture with the cognisance that it will stay with you. This has a direct impact on the type of material you choose and the type of designs you filter. For instance – if your office needs furniture for ten people today, but may expand to forty in the next five years – you choose office furniture designs that give you enough space to do that.

Budget is a priority; but so are the aesthetics

When you are running a ten-people team where everyone has ESOPs, you are not thinking about giving everyone a comfortable space to work in. This is because you know that everyone is already invested in the company’s success.

Axle 18 Person Desks - 120 Degree Workstation - epanel Screens

Axle 18 Person Desks - 120 Degree Workstation

Then, you hire your first consultant, intern or someone from the outside. This person points out all the deficiencies in the office space. Believe it or not, good aesthetics in the office furniture design will have a strong impact on employee retention.

Hence, choose simple designs that have a great amount of utility. Whether it is about going for workstations over individual cubicles, focus on the needs of your specific industry and people.

We can help you get it done – the right way, in one go.

You can get the first available pre-fabricated office furniture piece that you see. Later on, you will see whether it works or not in the office and then decide whether you should replace it or redesign it. Or, you can have us on board right from the beginning.

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We start by giving you a free office design consultation session. Here, we give you a clear idea of what kind of office interior plan will work for your individual industry and team. So, give our team a call and get your free consultation session today!

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