Buying Guide for Desk With Drawers

Posted by UrbanHyve Team on 5th Nov 2020

Buying Guide for Desk With Drawers

The global pandemic changed our daily routine. For some of us, it meant we had to move from our offices and do our tasks at home. To be as productive as you are at work, you’ll have to do some shopping to make your home a legit office to work in.

You can’t be productive while sitting on a couch with your feet on a coffee table. So you’ll need a desk where all your work can be done efficiently. A desk with drawers is essential to organize your stuff as much as possible, even in a small space.

Choosing the right table for the job is no easy task, so we would like to give you a few tips on buying the right one.


When choosing a desk, you first need to go through a couple of things to see what size of the tabletop you’ll need. If you are using a laptop rather than a desktop, you don’t need a big desk. Desktops usually sit on the top next to the monitor, and it takes a lot of valuable space.

On the other hand, you can choose a desk like the Alpha Executive Office Desk because it can work well in both ways.

Alpha Executive Office Desk

Alpha Executive Office Desk


A desk with drawers is fundamental, as we mentioned above. The size of the drawers depends on what type of business you’re doing, and if you’re handling a lot of paperwork. It will come very handy to have a storage compartment because your productivity is connected tightly with how organised you are.

Extra space would not harm anything; it can only add more comfort while working.

Cable management

Working on a desktop computer will mean many cables lying around. So it’s imperative to organise them as well as possible. Some tables already have a built-in hole for all your cables to go through, so you’ll not be obstructed by them at any point.

Comfort is essential, so anything in your way can be a hassle and can cost you your productivity. Always choose a table with a hole for cables built-in and avoiding these issues. If you’re using a laptop, then a table like Corner Office Desk will fit your needs perfectly, and it won’t take a lot of the space in your room.

Corner Office Desk with Pedestal Storage

Corner Office Desk with Pedestal Storage

Design and color

Yes, design and colour are crucial for the aesthetic of your working space. Try to match the table with your room, and every time you walk in the room, you’ll feel proud of yourself for how your working area is nice and neat.

Throw in a matching chair to go with your table, and your setup is ready to go.


These are simple but effective rules when buying a desk. Stick to our advice, and you’ll be on the right path to make a modern working space. Your productivity is something that is expected by your bosses, so they’ll be surprised as well on how good you’re doing even when back home.

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