Boardroom Table Ideas

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 4th Aug 2021

Boardroom Table Ideas

Choosing a boardroom table is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The wrong choice of a table can make meetings more chaotic, disorganised, and challenging. On the other hand, the right choice can encourage a positive discussion and easier collaboration among all meeting attendees.

Take a look at a few things you’ll need to pay attention to when selecting the perfect boardroom table and find the one that checks all your boxes.

Consider your unique needs

Before you go out and buy the first table that catches your eye, you’ll need to consider your actual needs.

Do you have your own private office where you’ll hold all important meetings? Do other teams need to use the boardroom for their discussions? Perhaps you’ll use the room for more than just meetings – onboarding, employee training, hiring interviews, client visits?

You’ll need to consider how you’ll use the space you have as it will determine which boardroom furniture will suit you best.

If you need boardroom chairs and tables for infrequent meetings with just a few key decision-makers, you can get away with a simple table with no advanced features. If your boardroom is more dynamic and exciting, you’ll need something different.

Choose the right type of boardroom table

Forza Large Executive Boardroom Table - 8 to 14 People 

Forza Large Executive Boardroom Table - 8 to 14 People

Dynamic boardrooms are ever-changing. They act as meeting rooms, lounge areas, dining halls, classrooms, and sometimes all of these things at once. If you want your boardrooms to accommodate everyone who enters them, you’ll need to look for advanced table features that allow you to get the most out of the space:

  • Height-adjustable

Height-adjustable tables are a must in every modern office. They can improve the health and overall well-being of your employees while boosting their productivity. A height-adjustable boardroom table can help you keep attendees wide awake and focused during every meeting.

  • Foldable

Folding boardroom tables are ideal for flexible meeting rooms that don’t have much space. If your boardroom is used for everything from meetings to team building activities and office parties, a folding table can be a fantastic, space-saving solution.

  • Mobile

Mobile flip-top boardroom tables are suitable for those who require a bit more flexibility in their meeting rooms. They’re easy to move from one place to another, and they allow for easy storage while not in use.

Additionally, you should consider features such as cable management and accessories like power boxes and data ports when buying your perfect boardroom table. They’ll enable your meeting attendees to use laptops, tablets, and other gadgets with ease.

Select inspiring boardroom furniture

Novara 8 Person Executive Boardroom Table 

Novara 8 Person Executive Boardroom Table

Once you’ve found the table with all the necessary features, it’s easy to play around with design and colour. Opt for a glass-top boardroom table with stainless steel legs for more of a modern look, or add soothing natural elements with dark wood tables designed to impress. Add a splash of colour with bold boardroom chairs, and make your office more inviting with comfortable boardroom furniture.

The right choice of a boardroom table and accompanying furniture can help you set the mood in your office and ensure the utmost comfort of all employees and meeting attendees.

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