An Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Right Modern Office Chairs

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 1st Dec 2021

An Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Right Modern Office Chairs

When designing modern offices, managers and the company’s workforce pay great attention to ergonomics. Ergonomic office chairs are designed in such a way to support your neck and back but don’t take up much space in the office.

Choosing among the great variety of modern office chairs can be a lengthy task, which is why we’ve composed the ultimate guide on how to choose suitable office chairs properly. The right choice will bring benefits to both your workforce and workspace.

What are modern office chairs and their types?

Modern office chairs, as the name suggests, come with modern aesthetics. Such a design is minimalistic and clean, not too complicated nor too fussy. The appearance of modern office chairs is somewhat slimmer than regular office chairs.

When it comes to their types, whether they fall under the category of cheap office chairs or the more expensive ones, you can find ergonomic chairs and AFRDI approved office chairs. The materials used can be either leather, with mesh backs, or upholstered seats.

Some modern office chairs even have armrests that can be adjusted and offer full mobility. If you need maximum comfort that you can customise yourself to suit your needs, then adjustable armrests should be your top priority.

How to choose the suitable modern office chairs

  1. Adjustable features – the most important trait your chosen office chair should have is the ability to support your lumbar area and your lower back. Adjustable armrests also play an essential role in enhancing good posture while you are working at a desk.
  2. Seat height – depending on your height, the seat will vary. Taller people should choose a higher seat to avoid any slouching. The price range of such office chairs can vary between $100 and $1000 depending on the material, features, and style.
  3. The price – you should always take your budget into account and make sure you can cover your expenses for the whole office. Cheap office chairs don’t have to be bad if they come with adjustable features, offer support and comfort, and have armrests you can move according to your needs.


We hope our ultimate guide on choosing the best modern office chairs has helped. Always consider the features, make sure they are adjustable, think about your budget, and make sure the height of your seat suits your height.

As they can sometimes weigh more, depending on the size, material, and style, you may also want to check whether the provider you are buying your chairs from offers delivery. Buying chairs for the whole office and transporting them to the office yourself is something you should try to avoid.

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