Advantages of Using Mobile Partition Screens

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 28th Jul 2021

Advantages of Using Mobile Partition Screens

If you don’t know what to do with your hospitality space, retail, or office area, maybe you need to look for alternative options. Functionality is important for every business, especially when you have a smaller, somewhat chaotic workspace.

Everyone in the office needs to be able to do their jobs uninterrupted. At the same time, if you have parents, clients, or stakeholders arriving at your office, you need to make sure they have a pleasant visit.

Now let’s see how the seachange curved or straight privacy screens or acoustic office panels can help you with this.


Acoustic Office Panels - Partition Screen

Acoustic Office Panels - Partition Screen

Partition screens are very flexible. You can move them all around the office space quickly and rearrange the space the way you like it. There are endless options you can try out, and some of them even come with wheels making transport even easier.

If needed, you can instantly set up a conference room for an emergency meeting. On the other hand, if you plan on holding an event in the office, this is also an option.

More privacy

Communicate Whiteboard - Room Dividers on Wheels

Communicate Whiteboard - Room Dividers on Wheels

After all, they are called privacy screens for a good reason. Whenever your employees or clients need more privacy within your office or retail space, you can use acoustic office panels. Others won’t see your meetings or how you’re interacting, and these screens also make it difficult for others to hear what is going on, ensuring more privacy.

Less noise

Noise can be incredibly distracting, especially when you work in a bustling office. If you want your employees to be productive and have some peace and quiet, partition screens can help.

You can use them to cancel out the noise coming from the outside or create multiple rooms within the office so that employees aren’t disturbing each other.

It’s super easy

Portable room dividers don’t require any office work, knowledge, time, or the need to hire professionals. They can be moved, set up, and installed by basically anyone, and even smaller employees can do this on their own.

They are lightweight and offer a lot of portability – just get them out of the box and place them where you want them, and that’s it. Storage is effortless, and you can get some extra space whenever needed.


When compared to some other similar options, it’s easy to see why portable screens are superior. First of all, they are much cheaper. You don’t have to invest a lot of money to get what you need from your office space. At the same time, it’s possible to always change the layout in just a couple of minutes without any additional investments.


Room dividers are becoming a real popular option for all kinds of office spaces and businesses. One last piece of advice, though – determine how many “walls” you want to create within your space to ensure optional functionality before you start shopping around.

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