6 Tips for Picking the Perfect Office Furniture for Your Space

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 8th Sep 2021

6 Tips for Picking the Perfect Office Furniture for Your Space

The furniture in your office is a vital element that impacts your workspace’s functionality and overall look. In other words, you need to take things seriously when shopping for office furniture.

Your decision will impact your clients, employees, and how your overall brand will look like. People spend a lot of time at their offices, and it’s essential to make this time as pleasurable as possible.

1. Create a list of what you need

Split Double with Middel Counter

Split Double with Middel Counter

Before you do anything, make sure to make a list of all the things your office needs. Think about things like office chairs, a filing cabinet, desk, reception counter, portable screens, storage elements, and so on.

No matter what the size of your space is, put down all the things you need on a list. Then try and draw a potential layout to see if you can fit everything properly.

2. Make functionality a priority

Yes, looks matter, but the number one priority for your office should be functionality. In other words, when you are choosing office furniture like a desk, you should make sure that it will get the job done.

If your work involves storing many different files, make sure to find desks with drawers. Be sure to also consider the size of the desk and how many things you will put on it.

3. Think about storage space

Mod Office Storage Credenza - White

Mod Office Storage Credenza - White

Desks can’t be the only storage space in an office. Get an additional element like a side table, filing cabinet, or bookcase. Think about where you might place these elements and how much room you have. Storage elements should also “fit in” with the rest of your office furniture.

4. What style fits your office?

After nailing down functionality, think about the style options. Find furniture that represents your company in its purest form.

Furthermore, consider choosing furniture that showcases the importance of the person that will be using it. For example, your managers should have elegant desks that show their status.

5. Set your budget

Hartley Task Promesh Medium Back Chair

Hartley Task Promesh Medium Back Chair

Buying office furniture isn’t cheap. Make sure to set your budget right away before you’ve even started looking at options. There are all kinds of office chairs, desks, sofas, and other elements you can buy for different prices.

Luckily, no matter your budget, it’s possible to find something suitable for your space.

6. Check the quality

When it comes to office furniture quality, there are no rules. Cheap furniture can have really good quality while this might also be the case with the most expensive offers.

It’s all about checking out the store, seeing how reliable they are, reading reviews about them, and seeing what previous customers have to say about their products.


Follow these tips, and you will make a sensible buying decision. Take the time to examine all your options and brainstorm a good office layout before buying anything.

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