6 Health-Focused Reasons To Spend More Time Outdoors

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 31st Mar 2021

6 Health-Focused Reasons To Spend More Time Outdoors

It has been a challenging year, and now, when 2021 is in full swing, we should start thinking about what we can do to improve our overall health. Let’s forget about the world impacted by the global pandemic and start focusing on our well-being for a change. After days spent in quarantine, it’s finally time to get out there and breathe some fresh air by spending time outdoors.

When sitting outside in your backyard or a terrace, outdoor furniture will change the way you spend time outdoors while keeping your outdoor space looking great along the way.

Here’s what you get by spending more time outdoors and how your health will benefit from it.

1. Stress Relief

One of the main reasons that push us to spend more time outdoors is the daily stress we deal with almost every day.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that people tend to spend a lot of time outside sitting on their outdoor furniture trying to relax their mind and body after a long and stressful day.

2. Improved Memory

Spending more time outdoors will affect your brain’s memory potential, and you’ll have more luck memorising even the most trivial details of your daily routine.

Humans tend to forget stuff, even those that we shouldn’t. Many studies proved that staying out in nature will improve your memory, and you’ll find it easier to deal with short-term memory loss.

3. The Sun Is Vital

Pacific Sunlounger - Stackable

Pacific Sunlounger - Stackable

There wouldn’t be any life on Earth without the Sun’s energy that keeps everything energised and gives us all we need to survive. Kicking back in a lounge chair in your backyard will significantly increase your health by taking the vitamin B created when you expose your skin to sunlight.

4. Spending Time With Friend and Family

After we went through a rough time when social distancing prevented us from spending precious time with our loved ones, now it is time to get out and breathe some fresh air. Spending time with your family and friends outside will improve your mental health, which will affect your body as well.

5. Time To Think

Granville Set of 2 Recliner Chairs Sun lounge Wicker Sofa

Granville Set of 2 Recliner Chairs Sun lounge Wicker Sofa

Kick back in your sofa chair on your patio and use the outdoors to spend some quality time thinking about anything that comes to your mind.

Outdoors is perfect whenever you need a time-out from a daily routine, and you can benefit from staying alone for some time thinking.

6. Listening To the Sounds

Listening to nature sounds while you’re outside enjoying the Sun will boost all benefit’s you’re getting by staying outdoors. If you have a chance to stay outside, far away from the city noises, then the sounds of nature will sooth your mind and spirit.


Staying outdoors will improve the state of your mind and body without a doubt. Use every possibility to spend time enjoying your backyard that you’ve spent so much effort modifying.

It’s now time to get out there, kick back, and subsequently enjoy whatever nature throws at you.

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