3 Ways Workplace Design Can Increase Productivity

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 15th Jun 2022

3 Ways Workplace Design Can Increase Productivity

Workplace design is more than creating an aesthetically-pleasing office, fitting in the necessary furniture, and maximising space. It’s one of the crucial factors impacting productivity and making your office more comfortable and enjoyable.

Before getting into your office space planning, check out how your workspace design can supercharge productivity.

1. Making employees healthier

Potenza Modern Office Desk with Return

Potenza Modern Office Desk with Return

Workplace design can improve employees’ physical and mental health, reducing stress on their body and mind and making them excited about work.

The key lies in ergonomic furniture that reduces pain, strain, fatigue, and workplace injuries.

Your employees sit at least eight hours a day. So ergonomic office desks and chairs can make a significant difference. They can improve your employees’ well-being, mood, motivation, energy, morale, and job satisfaction, leading to higher efficiency and productivity. Additionally, you’ll witness lower absenteeism and turnover.

Make ergonomics an essential part of your office space planning and maximise your team’s potential.

2. Reducing distractions

Cube Office Lounge - 1/2/3 Seater

Cube Office Lounge - 1/2/3 Seater

Distractions like noise and frequent interruptions increase stress and the likelihood of errors. As a result, lowering productivity and wreaking havoc on employees’ creativity and motivation.

If you implement a cowork design, you want to provide your teammates with a quiet area to work without distractions. Whether it’s an interruption-free area with comfortable office lounge seating or a soundproofed space with office desks for anyone who wants to focus on a specific task, it will ensure no distractions hinder your team’s work.

An office fit-out company can help you design a dedicated space for focused work or anything else that will increase productivity, such as a breakout area for recharging batteries.

It can also install office partitions, perfect for open floor layouts. They will make your office more functional, reduce distractions, and provide more privacy.

3. Saving time and energy

Oblique Height Adjustable 2 Person Corner Workstation with Fixed Under Desk Pedestal - Soft Maple

Oblique Height Adjustable 2 Person Corner Workstation with Fixed Under Desk Pedestal - Soft Maple

A well-designed workplace ensures your team has enough space to move around freely without wasting time and energy locating the necessary documents, equipment, and supplies or consulting a colleague on a specific issue.

Cowork design is excellent for better team collaboration and higher productivity. Height-adjustable two-person corner workstations or those for four, six, or more people are an ideal way to save time and energy. They ensure everything stays within reach and teammates put their minds together seamlessly to complete their tasks.

Office desks with built-in power outlets and USB cords can also save time and boost productivity.

Consider intuitive design for your entire workplace so that everyone can access amenities easily, print documents quickly, and perform other routine tasks effortlessly.


A well-thought-out workplace design can turn your company into a well-oiled machine that achieves all its goals without a hitch and ensures long-term success.

A floor layout that fits your team’s needs, dedicated areas for specific tasks and focused work, and suitable, ergonomic office furniture are the most significant factors driving employee well-being, happiness, and productivity through the roof.

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