3 Examples Of Successful Workplace Design

Posted by The Urban Hyve Team on 20th Apr 2022

3 Examples Of Successful Workplace Design

Workplace design plays such an important role in employee engagement and productivity. Comfortable people are happy people, and happy people work better and to greater success. This is why workplace design combines aesthetic and function to achieve a modern employer’s ultimate goal — satisfaction.

The following examples of office space planning accentuate efficiency and focus, but not only that.

These leading brands use smart design to build positive environments and cultures as well. Numerous job satisfaction studies showcase that company culture is crucial for business growth, which means that this seemingly trivial element can have a decisive impact on your company’s future.

Here’s how Google, Apple, and Square are using workplace design to thrive:


Google’s workplace design philosophy is elaborate but clever. The tech giant uses its office space as a motivational tool that makes employees feel happy as well as inspired. And that’s not a bad recipe for success.

Employees who can’t wait to go home at the end of the day are not exactly the epitome of productivity.

By the look of it, Google’s employees love being surrounded by books and seated in comfortable chairs. Somewhat unconventional decor, paired with open-plan layouts, promotes creativity as well as collaboration.

Google is famous for its abundant use of bright colours as well, taken directly from the brand’s logo. To recreate the look, check out our Jari Active Stools in an ergonomic hourglass shape and cool colour choices that they’re available in.

Jari Active Stool - Ergonomic Hour Glass Shape Jari Active Stool - Ergonomic Hour Glass Shape


According to Amazon, the future of office design is “all about collaborative spaces and community”. They are definitely keeping the comfy chairs, but they are going a step further and rethinking the concept.

Amazon’s new headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, will have fewer desks and more greenery.

Basically, their idea is to take the best office furniture and move it to the garden. Post-Covid, Amazon hopes its employees will enjoy being surrounded by nature and open towards the community.

It’s an approach that sounds very appealing. Unfortunately, not all companies have the same luxury. What most employers can do, though, is add a touch of nature by installing planter boxes around the office.

Planter Box to Suit Life Tambour Door Units And Lateral Filing Cabinets Planter Box to Suit Life Tambour Door Units And Lateral Filing Cabinets


A similar approach is taken by Square, a company that started as a pioneering e-reader and quickly transformed into a tech mogul. In their famous San Francisco office, the emphasis is on connection.

Square’s founder, Jack Dorsey, wanted a space “where people can be themselves”.

As a result, Square’s employees can spend time gathering in common areas such as a library, cafe, and even gallery that promote interaction. Back in the office, the same is achieved with the use of furniture.

Square’s San Francisco headquarters are famous for a very good reason — they feel warm as well as welcoming. Our collection of soft seating chairs and lounges would fit right in — a comfy island lounge, for example:

Comfy Island Lounge Comfy Island Lounge

In Conclusion

These stellar examples show that modern-day workplace design is synonyms to cowork design — a set of decorative and practical principles that promote collaboration and exchange of ideas at every corner. High-quality furniture and inspiring decor in today’s productive office are equally important.

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